Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leavin' On An Airplane....

I've forgotten how tedious overseas packing can be!  Waaaaaay harder than packing for anywhere in the US or even moving!  I'm getting there though!  I can't believe that this time tomorrow I'll be on my way to South Africa!  It's finally here!!!

I'm going to do my best to send updates which may or may not get uploaded to this blog, so check in periodically to see what I'm up to!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Catch Up

Whew!  It's been a while since my last post!  School is done for the summer (YAY!!!) and the float trip was fun with all my friends.  It's nice when we can hang out without having to stress about the next test.  Now I'm back home in KC enjoying my full size bed and loving that I get to see Roxy everyday.  She's 9 now and starting to get a little arthritis, but I'm working with her and hopefully, it won't get too bad.

Holly and the rest of the Hochhalter clan left yesterday.  We went up to St. Louis to meet her and the kids on Tuesday.  I got to take Dani up in the Gateway Arch and then we all went to the Spaghetti Factory before heading onto Columbia to see my apartment and to tour the vet school.  Holly's parents and two sisters joined us on Wednesday.  Thursday we had fun exploring Union Station and DeMaris cooked dinner for everyone.  Friday my parents and I took, Holly, the kids, and their/our aunt Judy to the KC zoo.  We were disappointed that the Polar Bear exhibit wasn't open yet, but we still had a lot of fun.  We played games almost every night and Saturday some of the Johnston side of our family came up to meet my birthfamily.  It was a good time of swapping stories and memories.  Sunday some of the group went to church and then Jose Pepper's before scattering towards home.

Holly called my birthfather on the phone Wednesday to see if he'd be interested in having contact with me.  I guess he couldn't believe that she called and told her that he was getting ready to hire a private investigator to find me!  I was soooo ready to be mad at him.  I had prepared myself for the worst and was ready for a battle.  And one phone call changed everything.  I don't have to be angry because he wants to know me.  His wife has known about me from the beggining and I think his daughters might even know too.  God is absolutely amazing and definitely in control of the situation.  I'm going to send Matt a letter before leaving for Africa and go from there.

Speaking of Africa, I need to go run some errands to get ready for the trip!  I'll write more later.