Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Much Sun

Ouch!  I've got a sun headache!  I'm on equine right now, so was surprised when we got out at 3:15!  It was really hot outside, but I went to the pool anyway!  I took some water to stay hydrated and a good book.  I'm getting pretty dark...for me anyway! :)

Things are going well.  Equine is stressfull and I am having a hard time being away from Rem for so long.  I'm praying really hard that he gets this IT job at GMC so that he can pay off some bills and finally have some money to come see me.  It's really expensive with his gas guzzling truck! 

Matt (my birthfather) and his family came down a couple of weeks ago.  We hung out, went to the zoo, and they even came to church with us.  I think everyone had a good time (even my half sisters). 

Welp, I'd better get back to studying...icky!