Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden goes bye-bye!

Last night, our military troops attacked the compound were the Al Quieda leader, Bin Laden, had been hiding and were successful in ending his life.  I can't say that I'm happy about condemning a man to hell, for surely that's where he was headed, but I have to admit that I was quite relieved that he is gone.  I am also so proud of our military personnel.  They have worked long and hard to ensure the safety of both the American and Middle Eastern people.  This event seems to have sparked our countries patriotism and appreciation for our troops again. 

There are many people, including our current President, who don't approve of the work our men and women are doing overseas.  I think it's a bit sad and ironic that the public is praising this man (Obama) like he was the one to send the troops in the first place.  So few choose to remember that it was originally President Bush's goal and desire to see justice met after 9/11.  In the long run though, it the troops that matter. 

I'm especially proud knowing that my love worked to protect those he loved and the country he loved by serving so honorably.  I know that some people would say that I have it easy and don't know what being with a military man really means because I wasn't with him when he was on active duty.  But once a Marine, always a Marine and I am proud just the same.  My man is strong and capable.  He is willing to fight for what is right.  I love my Marine!  On a side note:  I am really grateful that he did not have to serve in Afghanistan.  I selfishly rejoice that he was given the opportunity to lead and train new recruits instead of being caught in the cross fire.  What he did was an important part of enabling our troops to be able to perform their duties to keep our country safe. 

This weekend was amazing.  I drove up to KC to visit my man.  Friday night after eating at our favorite place, Pei Wei, we went over to a friends house and watched a movie.  Saturday I got my hair cut and then after lunch at Winsteads we spent the afternoon at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum.  We took the long way home and probably spent about 2 hours just meandering through the rich neighborhoods of KC, dreaming of the house we might one day own.  We then got 2 cherry limeaids from sonic and drove to a nearby park and walked along the trails for a while.  We watched a movie and I enjoyed cuddling on the couch.  Unfortunately, I got a headache so we had to go to Target to get me some medicine where we ran into one of his ex-girlfriends (the one that caused all the trouble about 3 weeks ago).  It was awkward and put a damper on the rest of the evening, but we worked through it. 

Sunday we went to church and ate at Texas Roadhouse afterwards.  We had some really nice conversation about faith and doubt as well as our relationship and the positive way we've been able to communicate so far.  That afternoon and evening was spent playing a board game with some friends.  Our goodbye was difficult as usual, but it was one of the sweetest ever.  We listened to a song and he told me how much he loved me and what I meant to him.  I can't wait to see him again this Friday!!!