Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post Christmas Blues

So I'm back in Columbia after a wonderful week-long break for Christmas.  It sucks.  I miss Remington so much already!  We're kinda ridiculous like that and enjoy being around each other all the time.  Anyway, it doesn't help that I really don't enjoy this rotation (pathology).  It's just a whole bunch of cutting up dead things, getting smelly, and then doing a load of busy work.  Blech!

Christmas was absolutely amazing though!  Rem came to our house for the whole day!  He completely spoiled me rotten!  I didn't expect ANY presents from him because he already bought me a new Macbook Air last month when my computer keeled over AND he bought super great seats and took me to see The Nutcracker last Friday!  WAAAAAY too much already right?  This boy just doesn't know when to stop (and I secretly love him even more for that)!  He got me a really cute pair of shoes I'd been eyeing and a brand new, limited edition, red Kitchen Aide mixer!!!  Wow!  I don't deserve such spoilage!

Suffice it to say, I spent to much and spoiled him too!  He got a ton of stylish clothes, books, a bluetooth, as well as some other items he really wanted.  I also got him a massaging bed rest, but we ended up taking it back because it wasn't exactly what I expected and vibrated more than massaged.  But that's okay, he said he'd rather put the money into starting our salt water fish tank.  He's really excited to start that up - maybe we'll be able to do some more around his birthday.  He was also able to use some gift cards he received to buy a new Xbox, as his pooped out a couple of days before Christmas.  He's not a big gamer, but he really likes to play every once in a while to relax.

I hope that I can get back home this weekend for New Years!  My friend Tammi is coming into town and I'm hoping to get to spend a little time with her.  It's weird though, because the group of people that used to hang out when she still lived in town is so different and dispersed now.  I invite several people from that group to do things and hang out, but they never do.  I know the Sunday School class has always kind of had cliques, but
NEVER like this.  I've completely lost a best friend from college - she's demonstrated that she doesn't REALLY care on numerous occasions.  And it just plain annoys me that no one from their group ever darkens the doors of our get-togethers - it's like they are soooo much better than everyone else.  They won't show up unless one of them is hosting or planning the event.  They disgust me.

Anyway, I still have to sit here in this room for another hour.  My homework was frustrating me so much this morning that I plan on completely ignoring it until tomorrow!