Monday, March 21, 2011

Another New Beginning

I met my birth father for the first time yesterday.  My parents, Rem, and I drove up to Des Moines Iowa early in the morning in order to meet Matt and his family.  Rem and I somehow managed to squeeze ourselves into a reclining position together in the back and slept most of the way there.  We all met up at a local Mexican restaurant.  It was slightly awkward at first and I could tell Matt was really nervous, but things became less awkward as the day progressed. 

After lunch, we all went back to their house and looked at tons of old photographs.  It was a really good time of just relaxing and getting to know each other.  It helped to have my family and Rem there.  His daughters seemed nice, but I kept noticing the oldest one, Sarah, staring at me.  Not that I minded.  If I suddenly had an older half sister, I'd probably be staring at her too.  They seem like a normal family and his wife Anna is especially sweet.  She was adopted too, so it was nice having someone else there that knew what I was feeling and going through at the moment.  She hasn't searched for her birth father yet, but said that I had inspired her to do so.  I thought that was a nice thing to say.

Matt seems very interested and eager to come visit me in KC this summer.  I am glad that he was so open to having me in his life.  He'd literally been thinking about finding me for years!

Anyway, I'm enjoying my last real break before heading back to school for 8 months straight!  I hope I can make it and don't get burned out!  And leaving Rem again will be hard again, I'm sure.  I'm trying not to think about it yet - just enjoying his nearness now.  Speaking of, I feel the need to cuddle coming on so I'm going to have to cut this short and cozy on up to my man.  Later all!    :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yay for March!!!  It's a good month.  Saturday is Remington and I's 6 month anniversary!  Can you believe it's been 6 months!?!  I sure can't!  He just moved into a new apartment and is busy getting all set up there in Olathe.  I've got 1 week left on local medicine.  Today was so busy I had 2 cases and tomorrow looks even crazier!!!  Remington's 28th birthday is on Sunday.  I bought him a really nice study Bible and had his name engraved on it.  I hope he likes it and thinks it's a good gift.  We are starting a new church-wide Bible study/devotional for lent next week and his old Bible is pretty outdated, so I thought he might appreciate a new one.  I'm also going to surprise him by blindfolding him and driving him down to Bartle Hall for the Auto Show on Saturday.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be a fun and exciting time for him.

My birthday is on the 12th!  And my greatest gift is the fact that I have another 3 weeks off and am going home!  I can't wait!  Especially since I'm not doing a preceptorship and I really don't think I even want to work at all!  Free time - hooray!  I'm already starting a list of things I want to get done!  Helping Rem and Marty decorate their new place is definitely on the list!  I'm so jealous they have a nice new apartment to decorate!  My apartment place was nice enough to allow me to draw up a special 10 month lease for next year due to the fact that I will be graduating in May.  Only downer is my rent is going up $15 a month.  It's expensive being an adult and taking care of yourself! 

I'm also trying to arrange a meeting with my birthfather and his family.  The date is tentatively set for March 20th.  We'll probably stay for just the day, but we still need to work out the details.  It should be good.  Matt said that both of the girls will be on spring break and staying at home during that time, so that's nice.  And I plan on bringing my parents and Rem for moral support because I'll be nervous when the time comes.  Well, I have a test on Friday - yes, they still throw tests at us even though we're in clinics now - so I'd better do some more studying!