Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And Release....

After an evening in the Animal ER with Roxy, I discovered a tumor in her right lung nearly 2 weeks ago.  After a long day-trip to Columbia she was officially diagnosed with a primary lung carcinoma.  By this time, I had accepted the fact that my baby had something seriously wrong.  She didn't know she was sick, she was acting absolutely normal - that was good.  The abdominal ultrasound and CT showed no other tumors, no lymph node involvement, and no metastasis! 

So armed with that information and a heart full of hope, I gave my parents several days to think about what they would be willing to allow me do to for her.  I am so glad that they came to the same conclusion as I did - that surgery was her best option.  Last Wednesday, she underwent a lateral thorecotomy (they made an incision between ribs, pulled out her lungs and removed the entire caudal right lung lobe).  Seeing her after surgery was probably the hardest for me... she had a chest tube in, multiple IV's, and an oxygen tube stapled to her face.  It was heart-wrenching.

I now have her with me at my apartment for the duration of her 2 weeks of confinement.  Poor Jemma doesn't know what to do without her big sissy, but Dad is keeping her occupied with daily outings at the park.  She looks almost as good as new (except for the fact that she's practically bald on her entire right side)!  She's being her usual finicky self about eating, but is playful and as sweet as ever!  I am so glad that I found this tumor and that it is out of my precious dog!  We are still waiting on the pathology results to find out if the type of tumor requires chemotherapy. 

God is good and I will be grateful for whatever extra time I have with my beloved Roxy Carley!