Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Bad News

Jemma's been limping off and on for the past few months - sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back.  So today I took her in to get some X-rays done.  Her elbows don't look too bad, but her right hip isn't even in the acetabulum (socket).  There's already some bone remodeling (early arthritis).  I'm so disappointed.  We thought by researching more and spending a lot more we'd get a GSD pup with less health issues.  Unfortunately not.  So stay tuned to hear/read what transpires with specialist's opinions and treatment options.  We love our girls, no matter how dysfunctional or expensive (although that last part is giving me a stomach ulcer).


  1. So sorry to hear about Jemma :( As for the ulcer...omeprazole does wonders. I've been having to take it everyday just b/c of stress.

  2. I know you'll give her every possible comfort, she is in good hands :-)