Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Update

Well, my decision didn't turn out to be too hard in the end.  I went with the one where I would have doctors there 24/7 even if it is a busy clinic.  I was really disappointed with the lack of professionalism of the other clinic.  It's not like I hadn't known this, having worked there previously, but I was let down because I really wanted it to work out there.

Anyways, onwards and upwards.  I've got my KS license and am "ready" to start work in July.  I say "ready" because no matter how much brushing up, studying, and reviewing I do, I will never ever feel prepared to do this.  I know it's just something I have to jump into.  Say a prayer and hope for the best.

Katie Darr, I would love any advice since you've been practicing a while now :)  PS - looks like we were both freaking out about not finding jobs for nothing.  God certainly does provide.

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